Motawi Tile Works, Ann Arbor, MI, design and produce beautiful polychrome art tiles.  On their website,, they also offer quarter-sawn oak stained  frames.  Together, the frames and tiles make a beautiful piece of artwork.  

There are many beautiful woods with natural colors and interesting grain patterns.   We make frames for Motawi Tiles out of a variety of woods, such as: walnut, maple, cherry, mahogany, pine, mesquite, pecan and many others.  If you have a favorite wood species or you are trying to match an existing decor, we can frame any of the Motawi tiles for you.  Below of examples of tiles we have framed for our customers.

Ladybugs in 3" beveled maple frame


Chickadees in 3" beveled walnut frame

Female Cardinals in 3" beveled reclaimed long leaf pine frame

Songbird in 3" beveled walnut frame

Motawi Frames  

Male - Female Cardinals in 3" beveled walnut frame

Dard Hunter Rose in walnut treasure box

Midnight Loon in 3" beveled curly maple frame

Daylight Loon in reclaimed long leaf pine frame